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the blog.

Welcome to Stratiteq's blog. Here you will find worth reading articles written by our technology and strategy craftspeople. Competence, business focus and passion are the guiding principles in everything we do.

13 november 2020

Is your sales driven by data - or gut feeling?

This year has not been an ordinary year. We have seen world events tha...

22 september 2020
Software Development Service | 8 minutes to read

Data-driven possibilities and automated monitoring

At Stratiteq, we believe that any business can become data-driven. We ...

16 juli 2020
Sales Service | 3 minutes to read

Five ways to invest in your service delivery

You might hear talk about “maximising your service delivery”, but what...

10 juni 2020
Sales Service | 4 minutes to read

Save time and money with your office in your pocket

The service technicians at a southern Sweden service provider no longe...

14 maj 2020
Sales Service | 3 minutes to read

Customer data is essential to meet service trends

Changing people’s ways of working is difficult because they are always...

24 mars 2020
Sales Service Modern Workplace | 7 minutes to read

Öka försäljningen med Collaborative Sales

Per Malmsten är Business Developer på Stratiteq. Han hjälper företag m...

19 mars 2020
Sales Service Modern Workplace | 3 minutes to read

Added value with a connected service

In a competitive market you need to stay on your toes to keep customer...

3 mars 2020
Sales Service Modern Workplace | 14 minutes to read

Så blir ditt CRM din mest värdefulla tillgång

Idag krävs det ett team för att genomföra en försäljning. Sälj, markna...