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the blog.

Welcome to Stratiteq's blog. Here you will find worth reading articles written by our technology and strategy craftspeople. Competence, business focus and passion are the guiding principles in everything we do.

20 augusti 2020

How Dynamics 365 Omnichannel can introduce new customers to your organization

As more and more customers are shifting to an online presence, so are ...

6 augusti 2020

Changed consumer behaviors are here to stay – how will you address the new normal?

According to McKinsey’s article “Understanding and shaping consumer be...

29 juli 2020
Business Innovation | 7 minuter att läsa

Dragonfly Mini – 2000km mission

We at Stratiteq love to explore new technologies and see how they can ...

9 juli 2020

96% of all B2B companies have changed their go-to-market model since the pandemic hit

Are you one of them? According to McKinsey’s B2B Decision-Maker Pulse ...

29 april 2020

Reaching beyond lift & shift to enable Industry 4.0

To meet challenges such as customization at scale and made-to-order, m...

15 april 2020

How to succeed with digital transformation – for Industry 4.0

Eight in ten organizations engaged in digital transformation projects ...

2 april 2020

Get ready for Industry 4.0 with the cloud

The three previous industrial revolutions have driven bigtime growth a...

24 oktober 2019

Lift, Shift & Beyond – Var börjar jag?

Okej, du har gjort din läxa. Vid det här laget vet du vilka fördelar d...