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the knowledge bank.

Welcome to Stratiteq's knowledge bank. Here you will find knowledge in the form of guides, checklists, webinars and client cases. Content that can inspire you and your colleagues in the development of data-driven businesses.


Creating a data-driven Real Estate business.

The real estate companies can not only look inside their own industry, when identifying the expectations for digital sol...


Data-Driven Public Transport

Each step on the digital journey offers new capabilities and creates vast amounts of data. As many other industries, pub...


How to improve your business with data-driven sales

For every successful organization, being data-driven has become a fundamental step forward in the digital transformation...


Is your sales driven by data, or gut feeling?

Your business does most likely have large amounts of customer data – transactions, visits, opportunities etc. But, would...


Data-driven Connected Services

Are you running a service business or just have a passion for customer satisfaction? Jump in for this webinar about impr...


Save time and money with your office in your pocket

The service technicians at a southern Swedish service provider no longer need to keep track of loose notes and bundles o...


How Skånetrafiken became a digital pioneer in the Swedish public transport sector

Once you shake off the sluggishness of procuring complete ticketing systems, the digital possibilities are endless. Skån...


How Haldex brought everyone onboard – a CRM success story

Getting customer data out of silos and into a single system calls for a solid CRM system. But how do you choose the righ...

Category: Sales Service

From idea to reality – Your future service delivery

Traditional service organisations have many challenges and business as usual will no longer cut it in the rapidly changi...