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Written by Stefan Hult
on 20 februari 2020

As a Service Manager you probably need to find more efficient and modern ways of working in order to meet demands for a higher level of customer service. You also need to stay relevant as an employer. A paper-based, administration-heavy work process does not resonate with the modern technical products offered to your customers. You want the aftermarket care to keep the same level of quality as your products. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service App offers the paperless overview of the service process with increased customer service and the elevated user experience that you are looking for. Everything you need for a modern field worker experience.

Enhanced employee experience

Employee satisfaction is important in order to recruit and keep staff. Tomorrow’s service technicians will have a broader skill set than today, with more focus on their ability to build relationships and not only repair broken machines. In order to attract the right kind of person you cannot offer them a less digital or technical environment than they are used to from home. With the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service app you easily meet the demand from your employees of a modern online workspace.

The different services found in Field Service Mobile can easily be reached from the mobile app, both on- and offline. For instance, each employee can have a custom created dashboard that presents relevant data to identify present needs and workload. Via the app each employee can easily reach their planed work order and if needed filter different views. 


Source: Microsoft

A work order’s paperless journey

I have asked Magnus Rehnberg, Senior Technical Specialist at Microsoft to talk me through how a work order travels through the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service App. He explains that a work order is usually created when your customer reports a problem. Alternatively, a connected smart product: can report an issue by itself. An initial analysis by your engineer will confirm what the problem is and recommend what action is needed. Depending of what type of task that´s required, the application will suggest what required tools and spare parts that should be brought to the job site.

Magnus continues that as a Service Manager your responsibility is to schedule the work order to any of your staff who is most qualified to carry out the request, a task that is made easier with the app. When a service technician has confirmed that he or she is on their way, your customer will receive continuous updates of their service request, such as the imminent arrival of your technician and what work was carried out.

With the professional field service app all of this is automatic, requiring no additional action from your staff or you. Information entered in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service app instantly updates the work order, keeping you, your staff and the customer up to date at the press of a button.

Stratiteq_MicrosoftSource: Microsoft

Efficient data sharing frees up time

While the service technician enters which material has been used and what the customer will be invoiced for, the application deducts these from his or her service vehicle stock. This means that another member of staff can access this data and re-stock all vehicles later, for example during the night, if the technicians do not do this themselves, Magnus explains.
Information about what type of service that was carried out, what spare parts were used for the repair, and the time it took will all be registered in the app, accessible for analysis and comparison against KPI without data entry in multiple systems. This creates a more efficient work process, freeing up time for other tasks.

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Collaboration across the organisation

In my own opinion, another benefit is that as the field service application is connected to your organisation’s other LOB (Line Of Business) systems, it is seamlessly feeding information across systems as the work order is processed. The desktop dashboard helps you as Service Manager to manage staff and resources and gives you an instant snapshot of the status of all work orders. Notes about a customer from the Accounts Department or Customer Service will enable the service technician to offer a more customer-specific help on site. Information about the customer gained from a visit can in return be entered in the app and accessed by the Sales Department as an aid in future sales discussions. This way, the entire service organisation shares the same information, giving everyone a collective picture of the customer which in turn leads to a more efficient aftermarket.

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At Stratiteq we help businesses connect people with the latest technology from Microsoft. We call this approach Connected Services. With Microsoft's services or a mix of other services, you can get a better overview of your customers and potential customers as well as a more efficient way of doing data analysis and convert into concrete action proposals. Contact us for assistance in taking the next step in the digitalisation and developing your service organisation.

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